What is Conveyor? What is it used for?

The conveyor is a continuous transfer mechanism that allows the transfer of any material from one end to the other. The movement of the conveyors can be achieved by motor power, manpower and gravity.

The conveyor is the mechanism that minimizes manpower in handling and transferring. Conveyors are now being used in every sector and can be manufactured in accordance with every sector. Conveyors are divided into several groups. Conveyors can also be manufactured specially.

The main chassis of the conveyors can be manufactured as Aluminum Conveyor Profiles or steel in heavy materials.

Pvc Belt Conveyor: Pvc Belt Conveyor movement is provided by motor power. Pvc Belt Conveyors are not preferred in sectors that are not exposed to direct heat and which can damage the belt. Pvc Belt conveyors are manufactured at slightly lower costs than other belts and other conveyor types. PVC Belt Conveyors, Flat Type, Miniature, Z Type and L Type Conveyors are preferred. Pvc Tapes are available in color options. Pvc Tape is not suitable for food but Polyurethane tape can be preferred instead of Pvc Tape in food industry.

Modular Belt Conveyor: Modular Belt Conveyors have a more durable structure than Pvc Belt. However, Modular Tape is not suitable for dust transport. The movement of the modular belt conveyors is provided by motor power. Modular Belt Conveyors are suitable for Flat Type, Miniature, L Type, Z Type and Rotary Conveyors. Modular Belt is modular, allowing only the damaged part of the belt to be changed in case of future problems. Modular Belts are available in many models.

Chain Conveyor: The movement of the chain conveyor is realized with the help of motor power and chain. Thanks to the chain circulating along the conveyor, the conveyor takes motion. Chains are connected to the product by roller, bucket, container or direct hooks and transport is carried out. Chain Conveyors can be manufactured to suit every sector.

Wandering Roller Conveyor: Wandering Roller Conveyor movement is provided by manpower. Depending on the area to be used, gravity force can also be utilized by making a slight inclination. With Sloping Idler Roller Conveyors, the material can be transported from one end to the other by minimizing manpower with a light thrust. In non-inclined idler roller conveyors, manpower is minimized by pushing power. Idler Roller Conveyors can be manufactured with more cost-effective than conveyors requiring motor power.

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